With every product you order you will receive a manual with warranty certificate page in it. Starting the date you have made a purchase the product is covered for 2 years warranty from the manufacturer plus extra 6 months of warranty from our shop when you purchase with us. The warranty does not cover the damage caused by accidents, improper use or scratching.

Free of charge repair or replacement during the warranty period of use is performed by the producer enterprise provided that:

–     The customer observed the guidelines on its use, shipping and storage.

–     The customer encloses a warranty certificate filled out accurately and clearly.

–     The customer encloses the failed detector.

If the defect (according to the claim) is eliminated, the warranty period is prolonged for the time when the detector was not used because of the detected defects. The batteries failure is not a reason for claim, after their warranty period is finished.

Failure to do the following things will void your warranty.

The usual warnings apply:

–     Don’t drop it,

–     Don’t get it wet,

–     Don’t take it apart,

–     Don’t damage warranty seals.

Try not to let it get too dusty. Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Please read the operating manual of your product for more details.


In case of failure or troubles during the warranty period of the detector, the user should draw up a Statement about the necessity of repair and send the detector to the producer enterprise at the address:

PE “SPPE “Sparing-Vist Center”

33 Volodymyr Velyky Str., Lviv, 79026 Ukraine

Tel.: (+380 32) 242 15 15; Fax: (+380 32) 242 20 15

E-mail: sales@ecotest.ua

Warranty  and  post  warranty  repair  is performed  only  by  the  producer enterprise if the warranty certificate is available.