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Gamma Sapiens

Gamma Sapiens is an innovative device that will turn your smartphone or tablet into dosimeter. From now on you can measure radiation remotely without putting yourself at risk of radiation exposure! Gamma Sapiens will transfer all the measured data to your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth channel and store it in a special database. Gamma Sapiens will make the process of radiation measurement easy and convenient in everyday life.

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Sales price: $199.00


Gamma Sapiens and GS Ecotest App will turn your smartphone or tablet into dosimeter!

The Gamma Sapiens intellectual gamma radiation detector is intended for owners of Android OS smartphones and tablets to measure the radiation level and dose in everyday life. Gamma Sapiens continuously transfers measured values to smartphones and tablets via the Bluetooth interface by means of GS Ecotest Application. The information is displayed in a user-friendly way and stored in a special database for its later viewing.

GS Ecotest is available for download at Google Play for free.




Features of GS Ecotest App:

  • information about the radiation level and the accumulated dose is continuously transferred from the dosimeter to the smartphone over the Bluetooth interface in real time;
  • a possibility to choose the most convenient form of dosimetric data representation;
  • display of collected dosimetric information with GPS coordinates on a map;
  • a possibility to set any number of dose and dose rate threshold values;
  • light, audio, and vibration alarms actuated on the smartphone when the threshold levels are exceeded;
  • storage of necessary dosimetric information in a database with the possibility of its review at any time with the use of handy search system;
  • ability to work with other well-known ECOTEST TM dosimeters – Dosimeter-Radiometer МKS-05 “ТЕRRА” and Gamma, Beta Radiation Dosimeter RKS-01 “SТОRА-TU” released after December 2011. Dosimeters manufactured earlier may require an update to the firmware of the processor’s program that is done by the manufacturer upon request.

While measuring radiation the user is free to use any other features of smartphone/tablet!

Smartphone/tablet requirements:

  1. Bluetooth module on the Android device;
  2. Android OS version 2.2 or newer;
  3. supported screen resolution – 320´480, 480´800, 720´1280, 1024´600, 1280´800, 1920´1080;
  4. touchscreen interface.

To read the instructions of how to use the GS Ecotest application, click here

Gamma Sapiens is intended for:

  • measurement of dose rate of gamma radiation (ambient dose equivalent rate);
  • measurement of accumulated dose of gamma radiation (ambient dose equivalent);  
  • transfer of measured values over the Bluetooth radio interface to a smartphone or a tablet PC.

Features of dosimeter:

  • radiation measurement can be performed remotely without putting the user at risk of radiation exposure. The permissible distance between the dosimeter and the smartphone/tablet is up to 5 m;
  • high dynamics and reliability of measurement results;
  • built-in Geiger-Muller counter of high sensitivity (it will take just 10-15 s for a quick evaluation of the normal radiation background level);
  • communication with smartphones/tablets running the Android OS via the Bluetooth interface;
  • transfer of data from dosimeter to the smartphone/tablet in real time;
  • LED-based alarm of connection between dosimeter and smartphone/tablet;
  • LED-based alarm of the battery discharge;
  • wide operating temperature range – from -18 °С to +50 °С;
  • ingress protection rating – ІР30;
  • power supply – two ААА batteries.

Technical specifications


Unit of measurement

Standardized value


Measurement range of gamma radiation DER


0.1 – 5000


Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement with confidence probability of 0.95 (calibrated relative to 137Cs)


 where H*(10) is a numeric value of the measured DER in μSv/h


Measurement range of gamma radiation DE


0.001 – 9999


Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DE measurement with confidence probability of 0.95




Energy range of registered gamma radiation


0.05 – 3.00


Energy dependence of the detector readings at gamma radiation DER and DE measurements in the energy range from 0.05 MeV to 1.25 MeV




Range of the Bluetooth interface for a smartphone/tablet connection, not less than




Battery life (ENERGIZER AAA×2 of 1280 mAh* capacity) under natural background radiation conditions, not less than




General operating supply voltage of the detector from two AAA batteries




Dimensions, not more than




Weight without batteries, not more than




DER – ambient dose equivalent rate; DE – ambient dose equivalent.

Delivery kit

  • Gamma Sapiens intellectual gamma radiation detector;
  • leather case;
  • operating manual;
  • ААА batteries – 2 pcs;
  • packing box.

GS Ecotest Application is not included. It can be easily downloaded at Google Play for free.

Note. Gamma Sapiens is a household dosimeter, and cannot be used as an instrument for formal (professional) measurements. The dosimeter is calibrated after manufacture according to standard sources of ionizing radiation and is not subject to verification.


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